Friday, 29 August 2014

New Marketing Techniques For Software And Technology Companies

Given the rapid pace of change across the industry, software and technology companies everywhere are in need of new marketing techniques to help spread the word about their latest products, services and advances. Of course, despite the constantly shifting technological landscape, some things never change. Whether you are a software firm, a mobile app developer, an IT firm or a web-services business, there are three essential marketing must-haves if you want to be successful:

Square 2 Marketing’s proven Reality Marketing™ approach helps you (and your prospects) look at your technology company differently, creating the kind of remarkable product and service offerings that raise the stakes, leaving your competitors struggling to keep up.

Once you start thinking differently about your business, you can begin to think differently about how you market your business. New marketing techniques like inbound marketing offer technology companies like yours the ability to create targeted educational content that leverages search and social media to get your products and services found online.

Now that your software or technology company is getting found, Square 2 Marketing gives you the conversion tools and tactics your sales team needs to nurture new prospects into long-term clients. But that may be easier said than done.

Very often your prospects are nervous, anxious or just hesitant when it comes time to make a decision. That’s perfectly understandable. Chances are, your products or services represent a large investment of time, money and energy. Prospects need to feel comfortable and reassured. Based on the educational inbound marketing approach above, Square 2 Marketing helps you move away from the old, outbound sales model toward a new, consultative sales process in which your team guides prospects to the best possible solution.

Want to learn more about how the new marketing techniques we offer benefit software and technology companies like yours? Reach out to a Square 2 Marketing Strategist today.

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