Monday, 15 September 2014


Jumping onto shore the hangovers started to set in all at once, luckily we had accommodation booked for a night in Split. The next day Paul, Naomi, Ellie and I took a bus back to Dubrovnik to for a few extra days of the beautiful old town and surrounding city.

View of the port and city

Our Airbnb host Anita, suggested a trip to the Island of Lokrum for the day which is not far off the port. The island is home to a monastery and a salt water lake. 
Here we are on the ferry over

Tits out for the Monks
Salt water lake in the middle of the island
A beautiful day spent at the beach and a fancy dinner later we are done in Croatia and off to Corfu in Greece! Now, if you are going to Corfu STAY IN KAVOS or BOOK A RENTAL CAR BEFORE HAND. We stayed near the airport which was close to the old town, I honestly thought a plane was going to run me over in the shower it was so loud. We were stuck out there away from the nicer beaches and nightlife but it was only for two days.
On the plus side, Naomi and I got fish pedicures! Siobhan, I know you would love fish touching your toes. Our feet were so soft and clean after, definitely something worth doing, also the pictures and videos turn out hilarious 


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