Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Bruce Acacio Shares 10 Most Beautiful Bridges in the World

Bruce Acacio is an aspiring travel blogger who loves to explore the world and plans to travel every country in the world in his lifetime. Bruce Acacio to pay his bills.In this blog post he shares a post about 10 Most Beautiful Bridges in the World.

1. Tower Bridge, London, England

Tower Bridge

One of London’s most recognisable landmarks, Tower Bridge is the star of millions of postcards, t-shirts, bags, and other assorted memorabilia, and no visit to London is complete without a photo on the bridge looking out over the river Thames. Londoners took a while to warm up to the bridge after it was first built, but now it has become a symbol of pride and a reminder of London’s rich Victorian history.

2. Chengyang Bridge, Sanjiang County, China

Chengyang Bridge

The ‘wind and rain’ bridges are feats of architectural brilliance, and all are built without a single nail or bolt to hold them together. Built by the Dong people of China, these covered bridges are beautiful examples of Chinese architecture and are constructed using only stone and wood.

3. Pont du Gard, Gard River, France

Pont du Gard

The Pont du Gard Bridge began life as an aqueduct system that transported water to the Roman city of Nemausus and is a testament to the incredible building skills of the Romans. Built more than 2000 years ago, the Pont du Gard descends only 56 feet over 30 miles and was able to deliver around 5 million gallons of water to the city every day.

4. Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy

 Rialto Bridge

The Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy has a unique arched shape and runs over the legendary Grand Canal. Singing gondoliers steer tourists gently beneath the bridge in the city’s famous gondola boats, and the elegant arches and white stones of the bridge make it an attractive addition to one of the most romantic cities on earth.

5. Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy

Ponte Vecchio Mos

This medieval bridge spans the Arno River and is one of the most stunning landmarks in Florence. The bridge is full of small shops selling jewellery, leather goods and other luxury items to tourists, and the haphazard way that the shops are stacked on top of each another only adds to the charm and appeal of this unusual marketplace.

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